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Myopia Management

What is Myopia? Myopia, aka, "near-sightedness" is the most common eye problem where images come to focus in front of the retina of the eye, causing objects at a distance to appear blurry. As the eye becomes more myopic, the axial length (size) of the eye increases. The most rapid change is seen from childhood into teenage years.

Enter Myopia Management! Our optometrists at Family Focus Eyecare are passionate about Myopia Management and it is their goal to slow down or halt the progression of myopia. Myopia Management can benefit our patients' lifestyle as well as long-term health. Keep reading to learn more!

While it can be as simple as changing habits such as going outside more or less time looking at mobile devices and books, there are several treatments recommended by our optometrists:

1) Ortho-K contact lenses (AOK) are worn overnight to gently re-shape the cornea (think of it like a retainer for your eyes while you're sleeping).

2) Wearing soft daily contact lenses during the day to provide clear vision and peripheral defocus.

3) Atropine Therapy (Eye Drop) involves a small dosage of atropine before bed every night.

4) MyoVision Lens is a spectacle lens that achieves peripheral defocus.

5) Executive Bifocal is a large bifocal segment in glasses, achieving peripheral defocus.

Dr. Devan Trischuk was part of the 2019 Global Council on Myopia Management in Toronto in June. It featured leading clinicians and researchers from the international eye care community who discussed the latest treatment options, future therapy options and the best patient management. Dr. Trischuk is excited to bring this knowledge back to Family Focus Eyecare to help manage children's vision and ensure many years of healthy eyes!

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