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Caring for Your Eyewear

Let's face it, eyewear can be expensive (insurance doesn't always go a long way either). Glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses can be considered an investment for your vision and your lifestyle. Our optometrists and staff at Family Focus Eyecare want to make sure that the longevity of your eyewear doesn't have to be compromised due to avoidable factors.

Here are the Dos and Dont's when it comes to protecting your glasses and sunglasses.


- Wet your lenses before wiping or cleaning them to prevent micro-scratches from dust particles

- Use the microfibre cloth supplied with your glasses or sunglasses to wipe or dry lenses

- Use lukewarm water when lens cleaner isn't available

- Wash your cloth(s) on a regular basis to keep it clean of lint and dirt

- Keep your frames straight and comfortable on your face by visiting our frame stylists periodically for an adjustment

- Store your eyewear in a case anytime they aren't being worn


- Don't wipe lenses when they are dry

- Don't use the hem of your shirt or paper towel (especially paper towel made of recycled materials) in lieu of a microfibre cloth

- Don't use detergents, abrasive cleaners or regular glass cleaner (i.e., Windex); they could leave a film or damage the lens coating

- Don't place your cloths in the dryer or use fabric softener

- Don't leave your glasses or sunglasses in your vehicle, especially on the dashboard or during hot temperatures

- Don't set your glasses down with the lenses facing down

- Don't adjust your frame on your own

If you require an adjustment or other assistance with your eyewear, including repairs, nose pad replacements, etc., our frame stylists are always here to help. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable frame stylists! Please note: Due to Covid-19, we are booking appointments for all services in our Frame Gallery.

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