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Family Focus Eyecare is Pro UV Protection

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Our optometrists at Family Focus Eyecare strongly recommend wearing sunglasses whenever possible, no matter what the age. You have probably been asked the question, "do you wear sunglasses?" each year when you visit us for your eye examination. That's because it is important to our optometrists that our patients understand the importance of UV protection. Sunglasses shouldn't be considered a seasonal accessory - continue reading to find out why!

More than one-third of adults experience symptoms that are caused by prolonged UV exposure. These symptoms include eye irritation, trouble seeing, or red and swollen eyes. Lucky for us, protecting our eyes is as easy as protecting our skin!

What are the Risks of UV Exposure?

Cataracts. 20% of cataract cases are from UV radiation and are preventable.

Macular Degeneration. Higher UV exposure at an earlier age has been linked with early age-related macular degeneration.

Pingeuculae and Pterygia. Visible growths on the eyes can cause corneal problems and distort vision.

Photokeratitis. Painful eye condition; sunburn on the cornea.

Cancer. Exposure to UV radiation, specifically UVB is the most common cause for eyelid tumors.

While we can't go back in time and reverse any damage caused by UV exposure, we can lessen the risk of making it worse.

How to Prevent UV Damage

Here is the take away: sunglasses are to eyes what sunscreen is to skin. Sunglasses are your best defense against damaging UV rays and should be worn all year round!

Not all sunglasses block 100% of UV rays; therefore, it is important to check the label or ask your optometrist. Whether the lens tint is amber, grey or brown doesn't matter so much as the built-in UV protection that the lens provides.

Frame style can also play a role. For example, close-fit and wrap-around styles offer better protection since fewer rays can sneak in the sides.

Sunglasses should still be worn with overcast conditions. Just as snow is reflective, rays can also reflect from buildings, sand and lakes.

Familiarize your little ones with sunglasses (the earlier in age the better)!

Interested in a new pair of sunglasses? Book an appointment with our Frame Gallery today! Our Frame Gallery carries a wide selection of sunglasses, including Oakley, Maui Jim, Rayban, and Tom Ford. Don't forget to ask about our kid selection as well!

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