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Thank you for choosing Family Focus Eyecare, we are a leading edge Saskatoon optometric office consisting of 7 optometrists and 27 team members. We have a large frame gallery with thousands of designer frames and sunglasses to choose from.

We provide for all of your family’s eye care needs, including complete eye examinations, contact lens fittings, customized frame fittings and our on-site edging lab. We offer a wide variety of specialty exams such as diabetic eye exams, red eyes, dry eyes, laser surgery assessments and more.


Please contact us about any of your vision concerns you may have and see some of our popular services below. 



Many eye and vision issues do not always have obvious signs or symptoms. Our optometrists at Family Focus Eyecare provide in-depth eye examinations using the latest technology available. Let us help you maintain your eye health and vision with early diagnosis and treatment.


Contact lenses are a versatile, convenient option for vision correction. Our doctors at Family Focus Eyecare ensure that you are fitted with the most comfortable contact lenses that take into account your lifestyle and visual demands. Most lenses are available in spherical as well as toric (for astigmatism) prescriptions. We offer monthly lenses, continuous wear lenses, one-day lenses, multifocal lenses, ortho-k lenses as well as prescription colour lenses. 


The success behind our practice is exemplified through our onsite laboratory. Our commitment to excellence is defined through quick service and quality control. We manage all aspects of your eyeglass lenses to ensure each step meets our strict expectations of proficiency and perfection.

Having an onsite lab allows us to provide same day service (some services available in one hour) and emergency support for repairs. In-house specialists can educate you about the particulars of the lenses we offer and help you choose the right option for your best vision. Ask us about prescription swim goggles, prescription scuba masks, safety eyewear and more.


Our frame stylists at Family Focus Eyecare travel to New York, Las Vegas and beyond to find the next season’s most exciting styles and bring them back to Saskatoon. Whether you have an existing prescription or are new to Family Focus Eyecare, enjoy browsing through our extensive gallery to find your perfect frame. Our stylists are available without appointment to customize and support any optical considerations you may have. Our knowledgable and passionate stylists work directly with industry-leading distributors so that you have access to the best selection before these exclusive lines reach other galleries.

You have an expectation when purchasing quality products, and we ensure every brand we carry adheres to a strict standard of excellence. Our experienced team is focused on your satisfaction and we can’t wait to make you feel like one of the family.

See the latest frames featured by our trendy stylists! 


Myopia, also commonly known as near-sightedness, results in a person not being able to see distance objects without the use of glasses or contact lenses. The most troubling aspect of myopia is the rapidly increasing number of people suffering from this condition and the increasing number of patients with high myopia (> -5.00 Diopters).


At Family Focus Eyecare, we believe that vision goes beyond 20/20 and we refer any patients requiring extra care in regards to vision related learning issues, head injury (including concussion, stroke, and whiplash), strabismus, amblyopia, and sports vision training to Saskatoon Vision Therapy.


Please visit for more information, or ask your optometrist during your next full eye exam.

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