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Family Focus Eyecare Shares Traveling Tips

Family Focus Eyecare Offers Travelling Tips for Our Patients

Our doctors and staff at Family Focus Eyecare understand the excitement (and sometimes need) of traveling. Your vacation experience shouldn’t be compromised from ripping a contact lens or losing your glasses. We have heard numerous stories of luggage being lost, forgetting contact lenses at home or ripping the last pair, even losing sunglasses to the ocean floor.

We rely on good vision to take in all of the beautiful scenery that our world has to offer. Therefore, it is important to always make sure that your glasses, contact lenses and solution are packed for every adventure!

Contact Lenses. Are your contact lenses travel friendly? Daily lenses are great for travelling since they don’t require any cleaning or contact lens cases. You should always pack more lenses than you will actually need for the duration of your trip. If travelling by plane, pack your lenses (and travel size solution) in your carry-on bag.

Solution and a lens case. You should never rely on buying more solution during your trip since you never know what will be available (regardless of how common the brand is). Avoid trying new solutions in case you aren’t used to the preservatives or other components of a new solution. Never transfer solution from the manufacturer’s container into a smaller bottle as this will affect its sterility. Instead, look for your solution in travel-size packaging.

Sunglasses. It is important to remember that we are exposed to UV rays even on cloudy days. Keep in mind that many sunglasses only block UVB rays; therefore, make sure your sunglasses block 99% of UVB and UVA rays.

Eyeglasses. Always bring your glasses when you travel, regardless of how often you tend to wear them. You could experience allergens or other irritants that you might not be used to, or have an eye injury that prevents you from wearing contact lenses during your trip.

Copy of your prescription. It is always a good idea to pack your prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses in case you lose or damage a lens, or misplace your glasses. Ask our staff for a wallet-size card the next time you are in for an eye examination or ask for it to be emailed.

It is also important to plan ahead! Our doctors and staff recommend that you order your next supply of contact lenses once you are down to your last month of contact lenses. Depending on your brand and prescription, we may have to order in your contact lenses which can take up to a week to arrive.

Almost due for your next supply of contact lenses? Contact our office today and speak with our staff about supply options and rebates that you or your family could be eligible for!

Original Article from Cooper Vision

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